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Welcome to the National Technology Solutions Blog!

This is the Blog introduction to the National Technology Solutions Blog. Here you can find out what our blog and videos are all about!

First and foremost, welcome to the National Technology Solutions Blog!

My name is Trevor Botha, I am 23 years old (Current age in September of 2014) and I am the owner of a South African technology sales and support company called National Technology Solutions, or NTS in short. I have been dealing with computers and computer repair since I’ve been in high school. I grew up in a very small town in KwaZulu-Natal called Ladysmith.

What I have decent experience in:

• Computer Repair
• Computer Upgrades
• Computer Sales
• Microsoft Software Products
• File Servers & Domain Controllers
• Local Area Networks (LAN) Installations
• Wireless Communications and Wireless Networks
• Software Support and Consulting
• Virus & Spyware Eradication
• Internet Security
• Email & Internet Setup and Support
• Website Design
• Remote Support Services

What I am trying to gain decent experience in:

• Making big bucks with my current knowledge!

This is an introduction to a series of blog posts where I will be talking about the every day life of being a Technology Professional. These blog posts will be all about the pro’s and con’s about working in the technology industry. I will also be talking about technical stuff, from installing an operating system on your computer, installing and sharing printers, to using RAID on your high quality servers.

I will also be uploading videos to Youtube regarding the same topics as the blog posts. These videos will be categorized on this website ( and will also be attached to the corresponding blog posts, which will make it very easy for you if you prefer watching a video over reading a post icon smile Blog Introduction %catagory

If you like this blog, be sure to share it where you can, and do come back to read some more!

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